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"Memory is what we are, your very soul, your very reason to be alive is tied up in memory" Nick Cave


Weddings are truly special occasions that you want to be able to remember and relive for many years to come. While photos can effectively capture the elegance of that dress or the smiles adorning the faces of proud parents, they cannot capture the true feel and emotion of the day.

When it comes to videography, it’s possible to capture so much more. From the moment that the happy couple whispers “I do”, through to the larrikin antics of that uncle who had a few too many beers early on, a wedding video can capture the sights, sounds and emotions of your special day.

We're a group of filmmakers who also like to make wedding videos. Instead of overly long uncut videos, we produce finely edited dynamic films that encapsulate the feeling of your big day. We aim to approach each wedding with creative energy, taking the individual characteristics of the happy couple into account to produce a video that captures their relationship – as well as the theme and exciting feel of the day.

We offer a number of different packages to suit varying requirements, ensuring there’s a package to suit your needs and budget. While our wedding videography service is based in Perth, we shoot weddings anywhere in Australia, Bali or the world!

Let us know if you want to get involved! If you are looking for a professional videographer, you can get in touch with us on 0450 604 334 or via our email theweddingtape@gmail.com.