We are still undecided about getting a video at all?

What we hear time and time again is "Our biggest regret is not getting a wedding video!". Trust us, these pieces of film become heirlooms in the family. We always bump into old couples who just say that its their most prized possession from the day! 

Do you use drones?

Rarely. They are very noisey, obtrusive and very distracting. We do offer the extra if you get certain packages but we usually just use them for landscape shots because they chew a-lot of time away from filming the real action.

Do you do destination weddings?

We sure do and we try and make it as affordable and epic as possible. Just get in touch and we will discuss the logistics together.

Do you do elopements?

We do and we love them!!
We customise packages according to you guys and what you have in mind so don't be afraid to approach us with whatever you are thinking. The more intimate the better.

Gay Marriage?

Equality. Absolutely. That’s what defines us. It’s what makes us great. If it doesn’t sit well with your religion, let your God sort it out in the end, but that’s us. We’re equal.

Can we ask for extra hours on the day?

Extra hours are available for a cost and can be arranged up until a day before.

How long until we receive our Film?

Video editing is nothing like editing photos. It takes a serious amount of time. As wedding filmmaking is not our only job we have to juggle some other projects like documentary work in between, so sometimes editing can take up to 4-6 months. 
Please ask if you are wanting it really fast and we will see what we can do.

Do we get all of the footage you have taken?

if you buy the extra option as we supply them on a seperate hard drive as they take up a lot of space :) Also when you get the hard drive, you get everything, the project files and all the content so that a editor in the future might want to utilise it for other sentimental moments in the future.

How is the final film delivered?

We deliver our films on a USB stick drive so you can play that on your tv straight away and back it up as many times as you like. You will also get a link for a web version for sharing with family and friends abroad for about a year or so.

Can we choose the song on our film?

We have first try at it, we rarely ever have any one want to change it. Music is very important and making it work with the footage is crucial. We can sometimes spend hours selecting a song, one of the hardest parts to be honest.

But if you have some playlists of music, please send through to us before the day and we will see if it works. In your welcome card you will get some more details about this  :)

Can we choose where the filming happens?

Sure, we like to make each film individual to each person. Most of the time your photographer has
priority over this, but if your stuck for ideas we can collaborate with the photographer and put our heads together.

Can we make changes if we don’t like something?

The price is for the Film Maker to make your film. If you are unhappy with something minor we can  make changes- keeping in mind that the film is already matched for timing with the music etc. The first time round you can list as many things as you like.
After the first changes there will be a fee for any more time spent, charged at an hourly fee of $80.
However if you completely dislike the music we choose we will re-edit to a new music for free of course.

How can we show all of our Interstate and Overseas family & friends?

We upload our videos to our Vimeo Account, so we will give you a link that you can send
via email, Facebook or wherever else you desire.